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We work to integrate our minority into the US society

We work to integrate our community into the US society. Our mission is to facilitate improvement of economic capacity, education, social well-being of Georgian-Americans and to create various cultural programs designed to eliminate cultural barriers and enable Georgian-American families to enhance their lives and to grow within and outside the community. We envision the future of the US Georgian community as of a full-fledged, well established American minority empowered with both, its unique cultural heritage and the all-inclusive nature of the American society.

Mr. Nickolas Chkheidze

organization history

  • in 2003 - The New York Georgian Association "Tvistomi" had been established. Soon after its scope has been widened to include the US East Coast Georgian emigration with objective of further including the entire American Georgian diaspora. Mission of the organization has been from the very beginning integrating our community into the US society through facilitating and creating necessary conditions and structures.
  • in 2004 - We started the Medical Center. Since then over 3000 women received free mammography exams and were taken under medical supervision. We also provide free and low cost radiology and laboratory screening tests. Over the years we have helped thousands of our under-served and uninsured community members.
  • In 2007 - The Public Relations Department was opened, further to become the basis for the immigration advisory group which has been providing free counseling to newly arrived immigrants, as well as a precursor of the Media Department later to be reorganized as TvistomiMedia.
  • In 2011 - Emigrants for Democratic Georgia (EFDG) opened its office in Brooklyn New York, in Sheepshead Bay Tower. The organization's sole objective is facilitating advent of fair and mature democratic system in Republic of Georgia through bringing the matters to the attention of the Georgian American diaspora and local politicians and creating relevant feedback.
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